Srinivas debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic three track Profound EP. For the last couple of years Srinivas has been delighting with some superb tracks having appeared on labels like Sensoria Records, Electronic Tree and Low Pressings. Good to have him on board at BP and hopefully we’ll see more from him soon. Profound is a deep progressive grooving track that will sit beautifully in any late night set with its lush tones and captivating nature. A droning bass is the big player here as it hooks you in while the cascading arps and fleeting melodies give our imagination lots to work with. Underneath the complex synths and FX we have a solid drum section that drives the track with a solid rhythm. Excellent stuff not to be missed.

Covert sets out with an epic kinda vibe as swelling pads and deep bass tones create a warm atmosphere which is only broken by a superb 80’s style synth. Chunky kicks and crispy hats provide the rhythmic drive on the track and a monster bassline declares ownership of the groove as it flows through the track effortlessly. Some very cool contrasting sounds combine perfectly here giving you lots to play with, top notch stuff.

Boundless throws up some very cool time signatures with fluid movements between the beats. On top of the ever shifting beats we have a fantastic gated, stabbing synth that just totally hooks you in from the fade until it goes wide open. Rich strings play a part in shaping this diverse sound while a deep probing bass drives the groove. From the sweetest of melodies to the harshest stabs, this one has it all. An expertly crafted slice that will definitely turn a few heads.

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