Italian DJ and producer duo Gerry Albano and Fabrizio Cusumano aka Sonic Dust debut on Bonzai Progressive alongside the wonderfully talented singer Hopeberry with, My View. The guys got together a few years ago with a view to create a project, based on continuous research and experimentation in sound, characterized by 90’s underground atmospheres, through the many musical directions plotted in time to the current electronic sound. If you have a look at their release count to date, you’ll see that they are fulfilling their mission and leaving us in awe in their wake.

The Original Mix sets a warm, inviting scene with lush grooves and enchanting vocals. Strong beats drive the track as thick basses bubble up from below. Cascading arps combine beautifully with the vocal which adds a richness to the sound, sublime stuff. The Mystery Mix creates a much deeper vibe, smoother and even more captivating, the vocal stands out brilliantly as the sounds wash over you, caressing you with an infectious warmth, top-notch.

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