Lisbon based music duo The Slum Vanguards aka Syper and Vanhell, mark their debut on Piston with the fantastic Solace EP which is a super sexy slice of dancey house music. Syper and Vanhell got together back in 2011, which is also the year they joined Fuse Records. They share a common identity strengthened by eclectic tastes and a creative freedom that allows them to run all the spoils of electronic music without any boundaries. They are attentive to the reality of the world we all live in and they arise as the representative name of memory and awareness to the imbalance that still exists in this so called modern world, where no one is absolutely saved. Inspired by the underground, The Slum Vagabunds present themselves on an alternative line, far from the mainstream, which is what makes their brand imprint gain strength in musical aspects ranging from deep house to modern techno.

Solace delivers a superb slice of quality house music for your ears right from the off with a tight drum section filled with chunky kicks and bright crispy hi hats leading the way. A deep and probing bassline lurks on the low end, drawing us deeper into its solid groove. Wonderfully rich chord pads fill the groove while distant vocals join in. On the break a simple melody provides cool contrasts before the track bursts back in with a super cool cord stab at the forefront. The track carries a fantastic dynamic that will definitely turn some heads.

Disturb intros with a very nice classic style kick drum and hi hat combi with a mixture of rhythmic percussions in the background. A powerful probing bassline joins in giving the track a solid house vibe. Mysterious spoken vocals signal the introduction of some gnarly sounds that capture the imagination as a chilling string fades in. The break offers a hypnotic sequence that builds and builds before those pumping beats and that solid bassline return for the duration. This one goes dark and is not to be missed.

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