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    Do Shock Booze (pronounced Doushokubutsu) aka DJ Yoichi Hayashi debuts on Progrez with the sublime Toriteva. Yoichi built a career as a rock band singer and guitarist in the late 90s before moving into the realms of electronic music. His tracks have the scent of creative melody and ethnic taste and are attributed by modern psychedelic sounds. He has seen releases on highly renowned labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Beatfreak Recordings, Baroque Records, Bonzai and Aenaria Music. He also runs his own label Totem Traxx which has a fast growing base. His DJing style is quite unique as he blends multiple genres creating contrasting sounds and melodies. He has performed on a variety of popular radio stations such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Kollektiv K (Fukushima Pref),DMiX (Oscar L) Insomnia FM and Framed FM. In May 2016 his original album Modernian was released simultaneously by German label Resopal Schallware and his own label Totem Traxx. Great to have him on board and we’re sure his tracks will be very well received.

    Toriteva comes in 2 flavours with each cutting its own dynamic slice of progressive grooves. Version 1 gets us underway with a cool rhythmic drum section filled with shuffling hats and snappy snares alongside various FX that create a cosmic vibe. The track takes on an epic feel as an intensity seeps into the sound thanks to background pads and distant vocals. The break takes things a step further, going deeper with an array of sounds that combine effortlessly before we’re thrust back into the main groove for the duration. The perfect fodder for a peak time set that will fill floors for sure.

    Version 2 is up next and like its sibling it carries a real intense vibe that eats its way into your soul. With a solid drum section leading the way we find ourselves locked into a cosmic battle of sounds that both mesmerize and hypnotize. Although a slightly more minimal track the groove is still filled with a thick well rounded bassline and some seriously top notch FX. The break is a truly surreal experience that will draw you in before spitting you back out onto the floor as those chunky kick drums return once again. A definite contender for those late night sessions.

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