Satour aka Satur returns to Piston with Disconnect EP and is joined by fellow DJ, producer, remixer and singer David Van Bylen. We last caught a glimpse of Satour on Piston back in September 2015 when he joined forces with Pandeo on their debut Kindel. Heavily influenced by 70’s rhythm and groove this guy definitely knows how to work a sound and bring rhythms to life, great to see him back once more. David debuts on Piston and brings a very diverse set of skills that allows him to move between many styles and genres. He has DJed at top venues and played with top jocks from around the world. On the production front he has worked with many great artists and his work as a composer and producer transcends the boundaries of pop and dance music, having signed several soundtracks for documentaries, short films, commercials and TV shows, and even movies.

Disconnect intros with an upfront, upbeat tech house vibe complete with a nice thumping kick drum, crispy hats and a very cool vocal that gets laced with an array of even cooler FX. A deep probing bassline comes through and sets the track up for a groovy ride into tech town as the drums form up to bring a solid rhythm. On the break we are treated to some expert pitching keys and pads that deliver a surreal edge to the sound before those tight beats and bass return for the duration. An excellent slice of tech and a must have track no doubt.

Marketplace sets off with a very cool synth sound that is soon joined by a punchy kick drum and an array of bright hats and cool percussion patterns. A retro theme comes off the drums and binds beautifully with the quirky nature of the synths as they rise in pitch. The vocals are neither sung nor spoken, a strange mixture of the two and this works perfectly with the sound adding eclectic textures and character. A space age synth appears taking the track to the next level before we get back to the down and dirty of this solid groove. Superb stuff here that offers a sideways look at tech, not to be missed.

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