Samwell aka Sam Felten debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, Control. Luxembourg native Samwell started to DJ in 2019, playing around his hometown. During the 2020 lockdown, he took to producing his own music and has already secured releases since then. A fresh new talent, we’re delighted to have him on board.

The Original Mix opens the release, offering a window into the hybrid sound between melodic techno and progressive house. Chunky beats lead as orchestral stabs and plucky basses combine to the backdrop of subtle melodies. Bolivian producer JoC H is back at BP with a superb remix. His last cut with us, Momentum EP received great support which is a testament to his talent. With only one thing on his mind, Jose gets to work on the remix, injecting his own energy into the sound, and he has succeeded here, no doubt, by delivering a deeply inviting and mesmerizing progger. Hypnotised returns on remix duties with a fine interpretation, destined for the late-night sessions. A stalwart on the electronic music scene, his music is championed around the world. He is also the owner of AH Digital, a very well-respected label. Here, he takes us deeper into the progressive abyss, weaving a hypnotic groove with trippy sequences, a solid slice for sure.

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