Samotarev is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Voice Of Phangan. This is a special one from Alexey and it’s clear to see how much of his talent he put into it. The track oozes quality and delivers a solid progressive flow from start to finish. Alexey gives special thanks to Julie Forrest who recorded her magical Nepalese instruments which are used so beautifully in the track. His last outing was on remix duties for Nico Parisi’s Raklet back at the start of 2016, great to see him back once more and we’re sure we’ll be seeing and hearing much more in the future.

The Original Mix intros with a nice punchy kick drum and a dark synth sound that mesmerizes. A sharp clap comes though which is quickly followed by a rising pad that brings a cinematic quality to the sound. A superb deep bassline brings a warming glow to the track and we soon find ourselves locked into a solid deep progressive groove. On the break we are treated to some beautiful sounds courtesy of an array of Nepalese instruments recorded by Julie Forrest, these sound are the perfect accompaniment to the deep and dark grooves on offer. A top notch cut and a definite must have.

UK DJ and producer Jamie Baggotts steps up to the remix plate and delivers another one of his solid progressive cuts for our listening pleasure. His last showing on Bonzai Progressive was on the remix for Rise and Fall’s New Impressions EP, which gained a great deal of support from across the board. Always a pleasure to have this guy’s work drop into the mailbox and no doubt we’ll be in for more tasty treats in the future. As ever we are treated to some tasty progressive treats from Jamie as he pulls out all the stops to deliver a beautifully constructed arrangement of sounds. Right from the off we get a sense of the deep prog vibes on offer as chunky kick are met with crispy hi hats and a swirling pad in the background. An array of cool percussions keeps the rhythm flowing as a stuttering synth line comes into play. This is soon followed by a fantastic deep throbbing bassline that takes us so deep into the abyss we’re in danger of never returning. A brilliant display once more that is not to be missed.

Prolific Bonzai artist Audio Noir is back once more on remix duty with his epic 20 minutes plus – An Audio Noir Soundtrack. This guy is surely one of the hardest working artists on the scene as far as music production is concerned. He churns out the quality at every turn, and this was shown on his last cut – Progressive Tales 2 as well as a remix pack of his From London To Moscow. He also delivered a sublime double header DJ mix for our In The Mix – Progressive Sessions series which gained some great support. This particular mix took just under one month to complete and contains hundreds of sounds. The idea was to have a long, intense Zen-like build up and then transition into a full on prog banger, we think you’ll agree that this concept has been realised to the fullest. The remix intros with a very cool spoken vocal that brings an interesting narrative to the track. In the background we have a chaotic, noisy sequence that is joined by a deep droning bass pad. The vocal continues as various other sounds come through including some superb melodic synths and FX. This kaleidoscope of sound comes together to form a sublime and surreal experience that has you completely hooked for the duration. This epic monster is not done yet though, at the midway point we get down to the business of pumping beats and tight percussions that create a flowing rhythm. The warm bass and melodic synths takeover and we’re hypnotized by the solid progressive groove that follows. A simply stunning piece that will most definitely grab the attention of many, especially the technically minded, experimental DJ’s out there.

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