Sa.Du returns to his spiritual home with another of his sublime techno infused slices. This time we get three top notch cuts on Minimalise that are sure to grace many sets. Last time we saw Sa.Du on Bonzai Basiks was back at the start of 2016 with Body & Soul EP, but since then he has continued to produce quality beats no matter where he shows up. In July 2016 he made an appearance over on Bonzai Progressive as part of a special release to mark his time at DV1 Club in Lyon, France. Great to see him back to Basiks with this tasty treat.

Minimalise is a pure unadulterated hypnotic techno offering that delivers a solid groove from start to finish. Warm punchy kick drums are met with equally warm basses and synths as tight percussions keep the dancing feet moving. A proper in your face techno moment that will definitely do the damage on the floors.

Amaretto goes deep, deep into the techno psyche with a raw sound wrapped up in a solid arrangement. Pounding kicks and crispy hats lead the way as surreal pads swirl over head creating an air of mystery. A stuttering bass arp drives the groove and carries a retro vibe as it filters on the high and low pass. Big stabby dark synths come through to add some very cool dynamics in the sound making this a definite must have.

Bad Days is made up of some very nice beats and some stunning cosmic sounds that blend effortlessly into a surreal techno slice. Chunky kick drums lead the way as those strange and eerie sounds begin to fade up. A series of blippy techno sequences takes place and we soon find ourselves locked on for the duration. A fantastic display of music construction that will grab a lot of attention.

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