One of our longstanding artists Sa.Du aka Greek techno guru Thanos Dimitriou returns with another stomper Last Chance. This guy has dished out some serious bangers in the last 6 years and it’s no wonder we get excited when his new material comes through the inbox. To date Sa.Du has a very impressive list of released tracks and remixes across various top quality labels including, Bonzai Basiks, B-Limited, Eyepatch Recordings, Bonzai Progressive, Ak-Tek Records, Mint & Mustard Recordings, Wasabi Records, Hi Fi Stories and many, many more. Thanos is someone who puts all his efforts into making music that speaks to the listener in a way that gets ingrained on the memory, in his own words – “Each track has a piece from my mind and my soul”. With a philosophy like this you can be sure that only the best will do.

Strobes dishes out a tight techno joint that will be the perfect weapon for those sweat filled venues late into the night. Tight drums lead the way alongside raspy hi hats and murky percussions. The bassline is a deep, dark monster that dominates the groove throughout. Haunting vocals add even more darkness as a hypnotic sound grabs a hold of your senses. A gritty techno monster that will not disappoint.

Fans is a solid techno mover that will definitely get the venue rocking. Punchy kick drums and shuffling hi hats deliver a tight rhythmic arrangement as a deep chest busting bassline probes every orifice of the track. Strangely hypnotic synths cast a spell on the groove that locks you in for the duration. A totally surreal experience that will be the perfect addition to any late night set.

Active Change intros with a massive arena style kick drum which stands in stark contrast to the gritty, sharp percussions and harsh vocals. A tight drum section ensures bodies will move while retro style synth chords play out mesmerizing patterns. On the low end a powerful bassline lurks, driving the groove while hypnotic percussions lock you in. Superb stuff that is not to be missed.

#sa.du #bonzaibasiks