Sa.Du delights with another slice of top notch deep tech vibes on his latest offering Glide. We didn’t have to wait too long for this one, we’re still loving his last effort La Musique M’Appelle from June 2015 which gained great support. Never one to disappoint, as proven over the last number of years, Sa.Du brings his unique flavour to everything he touches. Releases on various other labels also gain ground and on the DJ front he wows with tight, intelligent mixing. Always well worth keeping an eye on.

Glide intros with a deep and moody muffled kick that oozes a powerful low end sub bas sound. Sharp hats and intricate percussions layer up alongside a very cool deep voice and a rising metallic industrialised synth effect. A short break intensifies the synth before a huge cymbal splash gets us going into full on dirty techno mode where we get gripped by a raw power for the duration. The track really has an intoxicating edge that will keep the purists on the floors no doubt, superb stuff.

De Nuit sets out with a big bass heavy sound that delivers a truly raw flavour as subtle percussions begin to form up. The chunky kicks almost get lost in the turbulence created from the bass, but do enough to get the rhythm flowing alongside the tight percussion arrangement. A cacophony of expertly crafted sounds ranging from strange pianos to distorted shakers fill the groove as it winds its way into our senses. An intense pad straddles the edges and provides a cool texture to the sound. A very cool slice of the deeper side of tech that is not to be missed.

Amount intros with a cool percussions which are soon joined by a monster kick that packs a huge punch. A steady rising bassline bubbles up from the depths and gives the track a wonderful techno coating. The drums ride along in tight formation bringing a solid rhythm and paves the way for an infectious trek deep into techno territory. Subtle yet very effective one shots litter the groove painting a colourful picture of sound that mesmerizes at every turn. Another fine effort from this guy that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Eleven rounds up this fantastic pack and intros with a wonderful probing bass note before the powerful kicks takeover and drive the groove deep into technoville. A superb sub melody lurks just below the mid range waiting to pounce as various FX sound off on the overlay. Darkly sinister voices creep through and leave the imagination wide open as the groove intensifies and weaves its way into your soul. The track gathers pace just before the break where a much sharper bass is unloaded as we head back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff that is a must for your box.

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