Ruslan returns with another quality cut, this time he brings us the top notch Matter & Light which is backed up with two superb remixes from Jakhira and Paul Kardos. Ruslan’s last outing – Blind Man’s Shine, drew a lot of attention and gained features on various portals including Beatport. Always one to deliver, we’re sure this latest slice will not disappoint.

On the Original Mix Ruslan drops the tempo to unleash a deep and moody progressive groove filled with warming basses and ethereal swirling pads. A tight drum section will get the feet tapping as we’re drawn deeper into the abyss. The track focuses in on that superb probing bass finds its way into every corner of the room with ease. A top notch slice once again from this highly talented artist.

Jakhira is up first on the remix with his Dark Energy Mix. This guy has been making lots of waves around the office with his beautifully crafted sounds. He puts the house into progressive house with such ease, as shown on his last BP outing – Be As One. Following this one he shifted over to Piston Recordings with his Americana EP showing us his diversity and dynamism in the process. On the remix here he showcases his wonderful creativity once more. A super tight arrangement jam packed with quality sounds and FX and headed up by a solid rhythmic drum section. Warming chords and a fantastic bassline blend effortlessly as the layers build. On the break we’re treated to subtle melodies that allow you drift away before we come back to the main groove for the duration. A definite must have in your collection.

Hungarian producer Paul Kardos is up next with his Rework. Paul last featured on Bonzai Progressive back in October 2015 with The Workout Song and since then he has released a plethora of tracks on several labels. A top notch producer and always one to watch, we’re delighted to have him back at BP. Here Paul takes us deep into progressive with a sublime effort that encompasses everything there is about progressive house. Deep and lush basses, rhythmic percussions and a solid kick drum are joined by atmospheric pads that create some very cool textures. Cascading arpeggios and subtle melodies pique the interest and draw us deeper into the groove. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

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