Ruben Losada returns to Progrez with his superb three tracker – Mindtrap EP. His debut on Progrez came way back in October 2013 with, The Creatures Of The Tenth Planet. Since then he has seen a very impressive list of releases across various labels including Something In The Sky on the Bonzai Progressive compilation- Club Trax Dark And Deep. Great to see this guy back and we hope we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.

Mindtrap is quite simply a rip roaring techno fuelled ride into oblivion. From start to finish we get blasted with a massive punchy kick and a slicing hi hat that sits over a deep, relentlessly pulsating bass that hooks you in for the duration. Sinister, haunting sounds lurk in the background but offer no respite to this driving solid groove. This one will definitely hit the peak time and serve as one huge climax to any floor.

Imposible Cubo De Rubik is up next and ramps up the tempo with a pacey techno offering. A nice big chunky kick sits perfectly perched on top as a double time hat rattles through to be joined soon after by a metallic offset hit that gets the rhythm moving nicely. A deep penetrating bass lurks in the low end and keep you firmly in its grasp right the way through. Cool one shot hits litter the sound adding a splash of colour to this purely black and white structure. Superb stuff that will definitely get the purists on board.

Pulsar offers up a deep and thoughtful trek into the techno sound, right from the off you get a real sense of deep as punchy kicks are met with reverberating bass that dominates the sound. Cool hats and an evolving drum construction give the track a sense of rhythm, but it’s that bass that rules the day. As the groove builds we find ourselves totally immersed in the sound without mercy. Backing up the offset bass we get a pulsating bass that sends the imagination into overdrive while various FX sweep through the background. An excellent display of techno construction that will be a welcome addition in any set.

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