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RPO aka Rick Pier O’Neil joins forces for the first time with Bonzai Progressive stalwart Manu Riga on the sublime Terra Veteris which also features stunning vocals from Mandy Jones on the track Still Alone. French native Rick started DJing at just 14 years old, at 16 he already became a sound engineer and built his first home studio. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented artist and travelled to the US where he became embedded into the music scene there. He set up two record labels, Pro Records and Garbage Records and tracks from these labels have been hammered by top jocks all over the world. We’ve seen several hugely impressive remixes from him on BP over the last few years and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more. Manu Riga remains a much revered artist at BP, he’s contributed so many wonderful gems over the last 7 years and he doesn’t seem to be letting up just yet. He never fails to deliver on the quality front and he recently ventured into a new style for his music with excellent results. His last outing was on remix duties for Brlee – This Is The Place which followed the amazing Your Silent Cries which grabbed a lot of attention. Mandy Jones returns with her sultry tones and delicate inflexions to provide the vocals on Still Alone. She worked with Manu Riga on Disconnected and brought a whole new dynamic to the progressive sound, nice to see her back once again. Three top notch artists at the peak of their game.

The Original Mix is a wonderfully deep and grooving progressive slice filled with solid beats and a mesmeric Eastern flavour. The intros boasts a tight kick drum and rhythmic percussions alongside a droning bass pad as dark synths make their way through taking us deeper. Subtle melodies are found in the synths while beautifully crafted pads and strings create colourful textures. The break instantly brings that Eastern touch thanks to a classy voice that blends effortlessly into the groove. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Up next we have Still Alone featuring the superb vocals of Mandy Jones. The first thing that strikes you when this one kicks in is that powerful punchy bassline that creates a deep groovy vibe throughout the track. Tight beats accompany the bass delivering a rhythmic move that will definitely get floors moving. Cool percussions come through giving the drum section a beefing up while distant arpeggios add an extra dynamic to the sound, giving it a lift in contrast to the deeper elements. Mandy’s sultry vocal injects a melancholic edge to the groove becoming a powerful asset overall. A hugely impressive cut from this trio that is most definitely not to be missed.

The Dub Mix strips away those Eastern voices from the original mix to leave a beautifully dark progressive groover that will definitely move the floors.

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