Russian based DJ and producer Anton Vishniakov aka Rise and Fall returns to Bonzai Progressive with another of his spine tingling deep prog monsters – Open System, which comes backed up with two superb remixes. Over the last few years he has been responsible for some memorable remixes as well as a few of his own cuts which have gained a lot of support. His last two outings on remix duty was for Phi Phi’s Hiccup and Audio Noir’s Wunderschong on his Almost Famous Reworked Volume 3, both of which gained a lot of support and features. We last got a taste of his own works with Immersion back in February 2015 and based on that we know we’re in for a real treat yet again.

The Original Mix gets down to business with a charging kick drum that packs a lot of punch with a little help from a rising bass that starts to roll along with an energetic draw. Cool drum and percussion layers form up and settle the track into a nice flowing rhythm. Sweeping FX and dark synths join in and give the track a bit of meat in readiness for an epic ride. An in-your-face synth line opens up and locks you right into the groove as that bass hypnotizes. On the break we are set into a surreal world that takes on an intense vibe as those synths start to wind up once more. Another top notch slice from this guy which will definitely turn a few heads.

The on fire and very much in demand Rick Pier O’Neil steps up to the remix desk and puts one hell of a remix in true RPO style. Having started to DJ at just 14, he soon found he had an addiction to sound and went on to be a sound engineer with his first studio at just 16. Working with major labels he built a solid rep and gained Billboard success. Since 2006 he has delivered a vast amount of quality releases on top labels including Joof Recordings, Clinique Recordings, Suffused Music and his own RPO Records. He has also seen much of his work appear on many Bonzai compilations over the last couple of years. On the remix he takes us deep into the progressive world and holds us there without mercy. Right from the off we get caught up in the depth this track offers. A solid pulsating bass resonates right through the sound as sweeping pads and scathing synths cause havoc in the higher frequencies. On the short breakdowns we get an ear crunching synth that rises to its climax and slams us back into full on mode. To keep this one in check we have a tight drum arrangement with a powerful kick on top that will definitely keep the floors moving.

Leon Krasich is up next with his remix which takes a leaning towards Techno with its hypnotic groove and superb punchy kicks that stand out beautifully. Leon’s last outing – Melancholy, back in September 2015 saw great support and showed off his deeper side. Here he delivers the goods once more, a totally mesmerising experience complete with hypnotic basses and that fantastic kick that just keeps you wanting more. The bass line probes deep into your soul and shows no mercy while in the background we find pitching strings that offer cool contrasts in the sound. A cool display of FX adds wonderful textures to the groove that is shored up by a tight drum workout complete with a smooth rhythm section. The break goes deeper as a droning bass is let loose with FX going off all around, a surreal sequence ensues which is broken by the return of those brilliant kicks. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any late night session.

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