We welcome Rico Francis to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Polaris, which is backed up by two superb remixes from Jaydee. Rico Francis is the new moniker for legendary DJ, producer and Cyber Records founder, Johan Groenewegen. Johan has been responsible for unearthing some of the finest tracks and artists and signing them to his Cyber label. In 1997 he signed a young Dutch artist by the name of Armin (Van Buuren) with the track Blue Fear, who knew what that would lead to, the discovery of the century had just been made and Armin would go on to take over the trance world. More tracks from Armin also came through, notably, the equally massive Communication. Many other artists and top-notch tracks passed through the label over the years including many written and produced by Johan himself under various aliases. In 2000 we picked up the superb Crash which saw a release on Bonzai Records with an Airwave remix. Yahel, Tenth Chapter, DJ Nukem, Chab, Continuous Cool, Jaydee and others have all graced the Cyber catalogue. Although he is a down to earth kinda guy, he’s aiming to take you on a spiritual journey with his music, whether that’s lounge, chill, progressive trance or tribal, everything is possible.

First up is the Original Mix, a solid, warming slice of progressive house with a Balearic flair. Driven by plucky basses, gated chords and a vocal which narrates a never-give-up story. The track evokes a thought process with a positive coating. A feel-good factor emerges with a flowing rhythm which will produce plenty of movement on the floors. A must have track for sure.

Jaydee returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duties with two mixes to whet the appetite. It’s been just about a year to the month when we last had him round these parts. He had dusted off his classic track Underground City from his Chemistry guise, with a fresh set of takes from himself and other celebrated artists. A legend in this electronic music world, Dutch DJ, producer Jaydee has seen and done it all. His résumé is outstanding and continues to grow. We’re delighted to have him back. The first of two mixes from Jaydee is his Taste Vocal, a wonderfully crafted slice of Balearic vibes. Right from the off, you get sucked into the groove which lifts your soul and opens your mind. Full of searing joy and emotive note changes, the positivity is palpable. Top-notch stuff from the master.
Next up we have Jaydee’s Taste Instrumental, which delivers a much more defined underground Balearic groove, while retaining the essence and emotive response garnished previously. Subtle changes and a focus on the dynamics, generate an energetic flow that will lift the floors.

The Instrumental Mix strips away the vocal from the original while retaining the warmth and depth for an equally pleasurable experience.

Finally, we’ve included a Radio Edit for any jocks that wan to get straight into the action on their radio show or podcast.

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