Rico Francis returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Organic. Better known as legendary DJ, producer and Cyber Records founder, Johan Groenewegen and French electronic music producer Eric Pillet Jerusalem aka Ricoslide. Johan is credited with starting the careers of many, now very famous artists and DJ’s. He took Cyber Records to the stratosphere, unearthing many top tracks which went on to be massive hits and now classic titles. Eric spent many years playing in Dub and Reggae bands in France. He was also a sound and creative designer for television and marketing companies during that time. In 2010 he met Jaydee after moving to the Netherlands, and together they started Electronic Bodyguards, an electro chill project which led to several releases under different aliases on Jaydee’s label. As Rico Francis, he is involved with various electronic productions where he is finding his own path. Since meeting Johan, the two have found a niche in the electronic music world and are enjoying producing some of their finest work to date.

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