Rick Wade’s double hitter I Know Ur There and Seen Things gets the remix treatment from Piston label boss Rogerio Martins and the prolific Bicycle Corporation. Released back in Spring 2017, these two cuts performed very well indeed and we thought they deserved to be brought to the fore once again. House music hero Rick Wade is revered throughout the electronic music community. His career is an illustrious one, becoming involved in a fledgling house music scene in the mid 80’s. He spent his time working hard, DJing at parties, on radio stations and eventually turning his hand at producing music, a signature sound developed and the rest is history. An amazingly talented artist we just love having here at Piston.

Rogerio Martins is up first on remix duties for I Know Ur There and once again he delivers a super fine slice of groovy deep house music. A formidable presence on the Portuguese electronic music scene, Martins’ mission is to provide quality sounds nurtured from up and coming artists and veterans alike. For over 10 years now this has been a reality and, from time to time, we’re lucky enough to get exquisite sounds from the man himself. Here Martins doesn’t hold back as he unleashes powerful kick drums and noisy distorted hi hats that pack a massive punch. A deep pulsating bassline dominates the low end as beautiful deep house chords rise up from the depths. The vocal come through on the break to give the track a club vibe. The break also features a rich hi string and climaxes with a nice snare roll before those monster kicks returns for the duration. A solid slice form the boss that will not disappoint.

Italian DJ and producer duo Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano aka Bicycle Corporation are next up on with their remix of Seen Things. It’s been a while since we had them here at Piston, their last outing – Back To Basics EP was very well received indeed and they continue to churn out the vibes. The guys find themselves travelling the world and dishing out their unique mixture of house grooves, prog atmospheres and techno funkadelism. While Marco is a longstanding DJ – having played at major clubs like Pacha, Fuse, SOS Superclub and the Imperia Lounge Moscow – Stefano refined his skills in the art of playing synths. They merged these skills into an original project with a penchant for house music, while always keeping a distinctive sound. Here the remix intros with distinct chords that mesmerize. A solid punchy kick drum is joined by cool percussions creating a steady flowing rhythm. Probing basses with an analogue vibe sets the groove on fire as those chords hypnotize. Hi strings and warm chords collide for the perfect contrast on the break which also features an excellent spoken vocal. The track returns to full on mode, keeping us locked into the groove and rooted to the floor. Top notch stuff and a definite must have.

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