The on fire and very much in demand Rick Pier O’Neil returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Itzamna. Having started to DJ at just 14, he soon found he had an addiction to sound and went on to be a sound engineer building his first studio at just 16. Working with major labels he built a solid rep and gained Billboard success. Since 2006 he has delivered a vast amount of quality releases on top labels all over the world and his own RPO Records. He has also seen much of his work appear on many Bonzai compilations over the last couple of years as well as several remixes and original works which always gain great support. Always a pleasure having Rick here at BP, and we hope to hear more from him soon.

The Original Mix takes us deep into the progressive world and holds us there without mercy. Right from the off we get caught up in the depth this track offers. A solid, pulsating bass resonates right through the sound as sweeping pads and mesmerizing synths cause havoc in the higher frequencies. A relentless monster of a track with no bounds, the short break offers little respite as we’re thrust right back into full-on mode for the duration. To keep this one in check we have a tight drum arrangement with a powerful kick on top that will definitely keep the floors moving. A must have, no doubt.

Legendary duo Manu Riga and Phi Phi are up on remix duties and, once again, they deliver the goods in stunning style. A deft partnership, these guys have such a connection when it comes to production, either on the remix or on original material, of which there is more in the works. We’re always excited when these two get together and we hope they will continue this long and very much-loved collaboration. On the remix they guys have done it again, right from the intro, they hold nothing back as a chunky kick is joined by thunderous drums and rhythmic congas. Shuffling hats roll in alongside sweeping pad FX and a chugging bassline. A sinister element emerges, lurking in the darker side of the track, while surreal synths and sci-fi pads take control. The break is deep and inviting, as if entering a dark, chilling movie scene. Coming out of the break, the main groove takes hold for the duration, leaving us wanting more. Powerful stuff that will not disappoint.

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