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Richard Gatling returns to SRUR with the epic five track EP – Dusty Grooves. This one marks his full debut, although we have seen him before on our 2012 ADE Sampler and Best Of compilations. Richard has also seen his works released on Baccara Music and Salon De Lounge among others.

We kick off this mega house pack with It All Began With The Bird which intros with a solid kick and is soon joined by a very cool probing bass that just lurks perfectly in the smooth house groove. A fantastic retro piano chord stab is dominant throughout the track and will no doubt be the cause of many shakin butts on the floors. A cool retro vibe flows through the sound and delivers an upbeat kinda house vibe which will appeal to many for sure.

I Told You intros with a cool hypnotic synth stab as shuffling hats make their way through bringing a cool rhythmic flow to the sound. A well rounded punchy kick comes in with a superb deep bassline in its wake. The bassline drives the deep groove beautifully and is joined by a fantastic vocal and groovy flute that will force you to move. The track throws out a classic vibe that will definitely get a lot of attention, one to watch.

Recap sets out with a chunky kick and crispy hat combi with percussions layering up in the background. A soft string swells up and is joined by a probing bass that gives the track an almost laidback groove. The bass is joined by deep plucky synths that build up into a cacophony of shifting notes. A super tight drum section keeps the rhythms flowing here as we get locked into the house groove. On the break those strings and pads break out delivering a rich texture to the sound. An epic slice of groovy house that is not to be missed.

Too Much Choices comes into existence with a very cool synth tone that is joined by a fading in bass leading up to a solid kick and shuffling hat combo. A deeper bassline takes over giving the track a pacey vibe as cool voices start to pop up. A big and brash in your face synth pad comes through and mesmerizes with each anticipating key change. A solid deep house groove ensues which is licked with subtle melodies and interesting instruments throughout. Great stuff that will do well in any set for sure.

Zer0 Point intros with a solid punchy kick and crispy hat sequence before a cool plucky bass comes in teasing us into the groove. Those bassy plucks provide the perfect platform for the equally cool house chord stabs that start to dominate the sound. Soft keys are introduced and contrast beautifully with the harsher stabs. The track breaks to unleash a cascading arp that gives off a slightly progressive vibe which is soon overrun by purely house driven riffs from various instruments. A superb slice of deep house grooves that will definitely keep floors moving.

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7 December 2015 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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