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Bonzai Progressive BP6932017 25 September, 2017

Ricardo Piedra enters the solo arena once again on our next Bonzai Progressive slice with the superb two tracker entitled Zyrvinth. Usually we see him team up with Gabriel West and their last outing Miocen was exceptional as always. Ricardo has also enjoyed several releases on various other labels (usually with Gabriel) including Nervous Records, Stellar Fountain and Baroque to name just a few. He utilises his production skills with DJing to bring a unique live set that delivers deep and energetic sessions that always delight. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from this guy and his studio partner in the future.

Zyrvinth is a sublime slice of progressive house music filled with warm tones and goosebump making melodies. The track is powered by a solid drum arrangement and deep lush basses that take us on a surreal journey into the darker recesses of prog. The captivating melodies are what really make this one stand out. Multi layered synths and a mesmeric, rhythmic guitar will keep you coming back for more no doubt. Not to be missed.

Rain sets out with an enticing pad sequence that instantly grabs your attention. A muted kick drum eases in before that track comes a live with an organic bassline and a rhythmic percussion section. Cosmic synths deliver an epic melodic experience that would impress the greats no doubt. The synth layers create a rich tapestry of sound that will provide an uplifting experience. On the break a beautiful string lead enthrals before we crash back into full on mode for the duration. A masterclass in arrangement and in sound design, simply outstanding.