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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2017-06-26

    Catalog number: BP6592017

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    Zenit (Original Mix)
    Zenit (Silvio Petrich & Manuel Palmitesta Remix)
    Manuel Palmitesta, Musicoleptik, Silvio Petrich
    Zenit (Heyspace Remix)
    Musicoleptik, Heyspace

    London based artist Musicoleptik debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime Zenit. Born into a musical environment he immediately started gaining experience. Originally playing the guitar and the bass in bands, he eventually took a turn towards the technical aspects of the industry with a focus on music production. Throughout the years heis scored installations, produced and mixed other artistis projects, while his own productions have made it to the charts on more than one occasion. After years of being involved in the dance scene and a number of releases under his belt, he decided to start a new project, which will allow him to explore a different approach to making music. Musicoleptik is focused on fusing organic and electronic elements in a downtempo manner with the aim to eventually be able to transfer that on stage.

    The Original Mix is a truly mesmeric slice of deep progressive house that boasts a mixture of hypnotic, soft and warping synths and a wonderful deep bubbling bassline that hangs in the low end. A superb drum section keeps the groove moving with a cool rhythmic flow thanks to those chunky kicks and shuffling hi hats. A fantastic debut cut here that is not to be missed.

    Germany based DJ and producer partners Silvio Petrich and Manuel Palmitesta join forces on the remix delivering a superb slice of progressive for our listening pleasure. Silvio marks his BP debut while Manuel returns a few months after his Rush Hour EP made quite an impact on the floors. On the remix the guys keep us well within the realms of deep progressive house in a rendition that will certainly get the floors moving. Powerful chunky kick drums lead the way to the backdrop of bright cascading subtle arpeggios. A deep droning bassline lies underneath complimenting a mid range synth line. On the break we’re led deeper into the groove before those tight beats slam us right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

    Heyspace returns to BP for remix duties and once again he delights with his brand of progressive house. His debut for us came back in December 2016 with Giaguaro which scored very well among music lovers and jocks alike. On the remix here we’re treated to more deeper house approach which intros with a cool rhythmic drum signature before effortlessly transforming into a smooth 4×4 beat. Bright shuffling hats and percussions make for a dancey ride as deep basses and warm chords get the groove moving. The perfect fodder for those late night sessions.




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