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Your Love – Remixes

Bonzai Progressive BP5222016 25 January, 2016

The second track from Audio Noir’s 2015 album – Artificial Star – to get the remix treatment is Your Love which features the superb vocals of Lokka Vox. On remix duties this time around and giving us a nice range of styles we have Alex Vidal, Yoky, Dharmology and Experimental Feelings. Some great choices for any progressive set, you need this one in your collection.

Alex Vidal steps up to the remix desk first and delivers a solid progressive cut that will get the floors shifting to the groove in no time. We last saw Alex back in June 2015 with Mesmerized, a track which proved popular among many, and no doubt this time out we will see great support for this one. The remix opens with a dark progressive vibe as chunky kicks are set against subtle percussions and deep basses that take us deeper into the groove as the layers build. A real progressive mover here that transforms on the break as those beautiful melodies are introduced. The best of both worlds here, a definite must have track.

Next up we have Bonzai Progressive debutant Yoky on the remix. This Italian DJ and producer started out at a young age and performed all around Italy and on some of the country’s top radio stations. His passion for music led him to set up his own studio and in 2006 he released his first track under the pseudonym R-Type with a raft of top quality cuts coming thick and fast through the years under both Yoky and R-Type guises. Great to have this guy on board and we hope to see more in the year ahead. On the remix we get a taste of this guys talents within electronica as we are introduced to a fine selection of sounds that ooze that electronic vibe with a solid progressive groove in tow. The thing that stands out here is that bassline as it slices through the track to become the dominant force throughout. Cool vocals with equally cool FX added from Lokka litter the sound and add that extra dimension to the vibe. Top notch stuff and a worthy debut cut that will find its way into many sets no doubt.

Dharam Vir aka Dharmology returns to Bonzai Progressive with his remix and once again shows us a wonderfully deep melodic side to prog house that we know can be the icing on the cake of any progressive set. Last time out we got Back To 315 from this guy as well as a showing on a few compilations. Hopefully we will see more from this guy in 2016, well worth keeping an eye and ear on. The remix throws up a solid Dharmology performance that delivers a strong progressive groove that will definitely make it into many playlists. A cool contrasting track, this one has deep tendencies while brighter melodies ensure the track stays firmly in the peak time slot. Great use of the vocals on the break create a surreal sequence that climaxes with deep droning basses before we get locked back into full on mode for the duration. Fantastic stuff yet again from Dharma, not to be missed.

Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings returns to BP with a sublime remix. We last saw this guy back in September 2015 with his Indian Trip EP which gained great support across the board. Aside from this remix he has another release scheduled for early 2016 on Green Martian which will no doubt grab the attention