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Yellow Leaves EP

Bonzai Progressive BP6262017 6 March, 2017

Gabriel West and Ricardo Piedra return to BP with Yellow Leaves which comes backed up with two top notch remixes. This exciting duo have been making beats together for a while now and they certainly know how to crank up a groove. They recently provided a quality remix on Matan Caspi’s Luxurized which performed very well indeed. These guys always deliver and so far we have seen some superb cuts – including this one – with much more to come so stay tuned.

First up we have the original mix of Yellow Leaves which takes us deep into the progressive arena with solid beats and warm grooves. The drum section stands out as a myriad of percussions and a nice pumping kick drum join forces. Intense bassy arps bubble up from below as swirling pads join in contrasting beautifully with each other. A tribal element is evident as enhanced slapped drums dole out their rhythmic patterns while a probing bassline weaves through the sound. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Roots delivers a pretty intense progressive workout thanks to a powerful bass that drives the groove forward alongside a cacophony of drums and percussions. A steady rhythm is formed that will keep floors rocking as will the nifty electric guitar riffs. Attention will be drawn to the expertly crafted drums though as they are prominent throughout. Another solid slice here form the guys that will not disappoint.

Matt Holliday is back at BP with his Waiting Remix of Yellow Leaves. His last outing here was with the fantastic Underworld back in the Autumn of 2016. He has been very busy over the last year or so, he continues to run JOOF Aura which is going from strength to strength with every release as well as airing his own radioshows and performing live. Always a pleasure to have his work drop into the mailbox and no doubt we’ll be seeing more soon. On the remix here Matt goes for the deeper recesses of prog with a wonderful display of arrangement and sound design. The track boasts a solid drum section with a deep tonal bassline lurking in the low end. Sinister voices litter the sound as contrasting pads a sweet melodics flow through the groove. Another epic Matt cut that is not to be missed.

Belgian DJ and producer Karim S is back at BP with his fine remix of Yellow Leaves. His debut – Pilots Of The Millennium, gained a great deal of support from a host of jocks around the world. His experience and knowledge in music allows for some seriously tight grooves and this is praised among his peers. Definitely one to keep watching here. Karim takes his remix into the tougher realm with a sharp and in your face groove that will certainly get the floors moving. Punchy kick drums lead the way with offset crispy hi hats and tight percussions providing a steady rhythmic flow. Cool chord stabs with a tech edge mesmerize as various layers build up into colourful textures. The break throws in some fine melodies against an electrified distorted arpeggio that turns into an acid-like sequence for the duration, superb stuff.