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Green Martian GM2016277 11 July, 2016

Israel based producers Jadeck Berger and Max Margolin join forces to deliver their Green Martian debut entitled Whirlpool, which also comes backed up with two top notch remixes. The guys met in 2000 and have worked closely together on many projects over the years including remixes, original material and radio shows. Max grew up listening to many various styles of music but in 2000 he was heavily influenced by the radio show Oslo Nights and found his way into progressive which became an integral part of his music creation. In 2003 he developed his music making skills and refined his DJ sets on various radio shows. Jadeck grew up listening to early 90’s acts such as E-Type, Ace Of Base The Prodigy and Dr Alban. He moved to Israel in 1999 where he continued to delve into his passion for music. After meeting Max in 2000 they conceived several concepts for radio shows and in 2003 they launched TLV Nights on party107 where they showcased the best in progressive house and progressive trance. During this time Jadeck was honing his own music making skills with an aim to create beautiful atmospheric sounds.

The Original Mix intros with a superb pounding kick drum with noisy risers filling up the space before a deep, droning bass comes through. As the percussions start to layer up a warm synth rises in the background creating a truly mesmerizing sequence. Various other synths enter the composition alongside an uplifting voice that captivates the mind. On the break we are treated to some intense pads and that beautiful voice before slamming right back into full on mode and those thumping kicks and powerful droning bass. Top notch stuff and a must have for sure.

Prolific Belgian DJ, producer, composer, writer and all round hugely talented artist Manu Riga steps up for remix duties and delivers yet another fine slice of progressive goodness for us to indulge. Adriaan remains busy in the studio despite going through a rough time in regards to his health. He is an inspiration to many and offers up his wealth of musical knowledge to help others achieve their goals. With much more on the way from this guy we’re sure that this one will get the progressive taste buds going. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick drum with accompanying percussive elements. A thick, low end bassline soon comes in and takes over, forcing you to move with its infectious groove. Cool FX go off throughout the track as warm synths are introduced. After the first short break we are well and truly locked on and on the main break we are taken higher with an expertly crafted sequence filled with cascading arps and sweet melodics. Another fine slice of Manu Riga style progressive house that is most definitely not to be missed.

Config aka Wouter Vermeire and Stemvork join forces to dish out a tasty progressive treat for us on the remix which intros with a chunky kick drum and a cool display of crispy hats and percussions. Swirling pads fill the spectrum as a stunning bassline begins to fade. When the bassline is up to full power the track delves into a solid progressive groove that will definitely get the floor moving. The track hypnotizes as the layers combine, short stabby synths break through but the tight arrangemen