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When Worlds Collide

Bonzai Progressive BP4632015 13 July, 2015

Manu Riga teams up with fellow producer Alex Vidal for their first tantalising collaboration on When Worlds Collide. The constant force that is Manu Riga never ceases to amaze, his productions always come in at the high quality end and leaves us stunned with their intricate progressive prowess. To top it all off he now appears as a DJ on many radio shows on the likes of Progressive Beats, Pure FM and Bonzai Basik Beats. 2015 has also seen Manu hit the clubs but the big event of the year has to be his appearance at Tomorrowland alongside studio partner Matt Holliday, something we know he is very much looking forward to and will no doubt relish the experience. The hugely impressive Spanish DJ and producer, Alex Vidal is fresh off the back of his last outing Mesmerized. We know what this guy brings to the table and can safely say that these two guys will definitely hit the progressive sweet spot and we look forward to more from these two in the future. Aside from the Original Mix, the guy’s branch out with their own takes on this monster progressive cut.

The Original intros with a nice and chunky kick and a sharp closed hat as a beautiful, swirling pad begins to swell. Cool and very subtle percussive elements are introduced and sets the rhythm up nicely as the layers build. A deep droning bass takes over and the deep progressive groove is set in stone. In contrast we are treated to some wonderfully rich plucked notes which are accompanied by the most stunning female vocal that will get the hairs raised on the back of your neck for sure. Little nuanced sounds filter through, like the gentle arps that just glide across the sound. A superb piano melody takes the centre of attention on the break alongside that lush bass before we get thrown right back into the main groove for the duration. A definite must have track in your box this Summer, the floors are gonna love this one.

Our first remix comes from Alex with his Inner Void Remix. The track sets of with a punchy kick alongside a wonderfully rich deep bass that captivates from the moment it arises. Soft hats and cool percussions deliver a solid and steady rhythm as the bass begins to transform into s full on driving progressive groove. Subtle melodic arps fill the background and offer a cool contrast between the low and high frequencies of the sound. On the break we are thrown into a world filled with beautifully sweet sounds and prominent tribal edged drums. The melodies float across the sound and keep your attention before taking a back seat once again to allow the driving bass and pounding kicks to shine. An absolute belter of a track you will not want to miss.

Next up we have Manu’s Balearic Dreams which intros with a cool drum filled sequence alongside some very cool synths and stunning FX. A very intense groove is borne out of those deeper elements that shore up this solid groove as tight breaks carry the track forward. The impressively intricate structure will definitely leave you wanting more as you discover new and exciting patterns with each listen. Manu is a master of the drum sequence and here he holds no bars as those breaks deliver a very solid and upbeat rhythm. Trademark voices come through and really capture th