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When In June

Bonzai Progressive BP5282016 15 February, 2016

We welcome Gai Barone back to Bonzai Progressive and he has brought along another one of his deep progressive creations for our listening pleasure. When In June is Gai’s latest offering and comes backed up with four top notch remixes from none other than Belgian stalwarts Airwave and Manu Riga, Australia’s Audio Noir and Slovakia’s Crocy. Throw in Gai’s Italian roots and we have a hotbed of international talent that knows how to work a track.

The Original Mix intros with various percussive elements to the backdrop of a deep droning pad that builds up an air of intensity. The contrasts are stark with bright crispy hats slicing through that low tone. A nice punchy kick drum comes through and we find ourselves locked on to a sublime hypnotic vibe for the duration. The bass floats through the sound with a beautifully warm glow and gives the track that deeper grooving feeling. Just after the midway point we are introduced to some sharp, perfectly balanced strings that carry a beautiful melody as they sweep through the groove. Top notch from Mr Barone and a definite must have track.

First up on remix duty is Airwave and once again he takes us on a trek deep into progressive to the backdrop of a solid breaks groove. The remix intros with a fantastic string ensemble with a deep bass tone sitting on the low end while the subtle melodies of the strings swirl overhead. The drums burst onto the track and deliver a brilliant breaks arrangement filled with punchy kicks and snapping snares alongside stuttering hats and rides. The intensity builds as the layers form up into a wonderful energetically fuelled monster of a tune. On the break we are offered a little respite in the form of some very cool strummed guitar licks as those strings continue to linger above and below. The track climaxes and we are thrust right back into the full on progressive breaks routine for the duration. Simply awesome.

Progressive guru Manu Riga steps up to the remix desk and churns out yet another top quality cut for our aural pleasure. The remix sets off with a nice chunky kick drum with cool hats on the offset and an extra cool drum pattern in the background. A fantastic pulsing bassline gives the track a nice drive that will easily get the dance floors moving. A wonderful lead synth riff delivers a nice touch to the sound and freshens up the groove beautifully. Out of nowhere a superb cascading arp fades in and out of the sound and takes us up to the break where a cacophony of strings take over. The icing on the cake though comes in the form of a stunningly rich vocal that sends shivers down your spine before we head back into the main groove. Definitely one of Manu’s best remixes here, lots going on that will bring new experiences with each listen. This one is not to be missed.

Crocy returns and gives us another one of his deep progressive house remixes that tantalises the musical taste buds. The remix sets off with a cool chunky kick and equally cool crispy hats and rhythmic drums. A gritty bassline courses through the sound and stands in contrast to the bright melodic strings that swell up early on. The track takes on a real deep progressive edge before heading into the break where a beautifully arrang