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What Time Is Love – Stan Kolev Remix

Bonzai Progressive BP6992017 16 October, 2017

Stan Kolev joins the 25 year celebrations roster with a superb rendition of Antidote’s 2006 slice What Time Is Love. Antidote aka Laurent Veronnez and Marnik Braeckevelt started Antidote back in 2003 as a vehicle to churn out quality progressive trance with a techy edge. They found their home on our Progrez imprint which was responsible for a raft of top notch cuts from the turn of the millennium. Tracks like Paraglider, Velocity and Sciabada were go to tracks for many jocks building a set into a deep progressive journey.

Stan Kolev is a solid choice for remix duties and he has been a regular featured around the Bonzai offices and top download portals for quite some time. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, Stan certainly injects a warming east coast flavour to the track, giving it a much deeper progressive flow. Right from the get go we’re drawn into that warmth thanks to a bubbling bassline and super tight drum arrangement. That classic vocal floats through the track raising the hairs on the back of your neck in the process. At the heart of the groove lies a droning sub bass that is complimented with brighter melodies that create a glistening sheen on the sound. The break is a purely blissful affair before we head straight back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.