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We Are Not Alone

Bonzai Progressive BP6302017 20 March, 2017

Pavlin Petrov returns to BP alongside studio partner Graham Lloris with We Are Not Alone which features two top notch remixes. Pavlin joined BP back in September 2015 with the superb Feeling Alive which featured the vocal talents of Selina Stone and which led to a remix on Crocy feat Ashley Berndt’s Mind at the start of 2016. Since then he gave us Set Me Free and Resistance both of which typify the sheer talent of this popular artist. Budapest native Graham Lloris debuts here at BP but he has worked alongside Pavlin on other occasions with fantastic results. He’s been churning out quality cuts since 2012 and has established himself as a solid, consistently creative artists. Great to have him on board and no doubt we’ll see more from both in the future.

The Original Mix delivers a solid prog house groover that intros with a chunky kick drums and rhythmic percussion combi. Intricate patterns are formed from the percussion arrangement and slot nicely into the groove. A deep droning bass pad ebbs and flows overhead as the layers build creating depth and drive. A wailing hybrid sax-synth draws attention as the subtle melodies begin to appear on the break taking us on a surreal trek deeper into progressive house. One for the late night session here that will not disappoint.

Nico Parisi is back at his progressive home with another one of his sublime remixes. His last full release was back in 2016 with Attica which performed very well indeed. He has also contributed some fantastic remixes since then and his works continually appear on multiple compilations. On the DJ front he enjoys plenty of gigs across Belgium and beyond. Always worth keeping an eye on this guy with much more to come in the future. On the remix here Nico utilises the melodic elements of the original beautifully working them into his deep and grooving progressive flow. Tight drums and cool percussion patterns create smooth rhythms that flow effortlessly through the track. That deep droning bass adds wonderful depth to the sound as the melodies work their magic. Another top notch slice from Nico and a must have track.

Kevin Vega makes a welcome return and steps up to the remix plate with a brilliantly worked progressive groove. His last outing here – The Crimson King was championed by many and topped many charts. His works always find their way into compilations adding some extra weight to every release. We never tire of this guys attention to detail in his tracks and we’re sure we will see much more in the years ahead. Here Kevin takes the original mix and gives it one of his sublime makeovers adding in extra punch and a driving edge. Tight drums lead the way and a cacophony of percussions insure that the floors will get a workout from this. Various synths layer up to create a sublime sequence that mystify and captivate thanks to the subtle melodies borrowed from the original. A beautifully crafted groove from Kevin that is most definitely not to be missed.