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Waves Of Grain

Green Martian GM2016282 3 October, 2016

Lebanese DJ and producer duo Haig & Raffi make their Green Martian debut with the divine progressive groover Waves Of Grain which also features a top notch remix from Blufeld. Haigaz Yossoulkanian and Raffi Nersessian are an illustrious dance music act and have plied their trade for many years offering up quality trance and progressive as they go. Their releases have spanned many top labels including One Little Indian, D.Max Recordings and Sensual Bliss Recordings among others. They’ve also graced the decks and some of the best parties and festivals around the world. The guys have always had a passion for music and in their teenage years this was never more true. They absorbed all the music they could get by attending parties, listening to radio and buying tunes. Trance is their main outlet and it’s this genre that they decided to dissect and find new ways of delivering it in their productions. In 2013 they launched their own label – Sensual Bliss Recordings – which continues to offer top quality sounds. It’s a pleasure to have the guys on board and we hope to hear more from them soon.

The original mix intros with a nice chunky kick drum with shuffling hi hats, giving a smooth rhythmic feel. A deep chugging bassline comes through and the progressive juices begin to flow. Sweeping pads create a wonderful atmosphere as melodic arps with a hint of trance fade in. On the break we’re treated to a beautifully melodic sequence that mesmerizes and captivates before those hypnotic beats return for the duration. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

One of Bonzai Progressive’s long standing artist’s is up on remix duty, and once again he delivers the good in style. Blufeld’s Progenitor Remix hits the spot with a solid progressive workout that is up there with some of his best work. His last outing Tiefe Gedanken alongside Platunoff was very well received as was his superb remix for Manu Riga’s When The Day Is Done which featured on Manu’s Surrounded Remixed. Blufeld is consistent in his approach to making music and this is manifested in all his works. Aside from producing he continues his Stimulus sessions radio show on DI.FM and regularly features world class DJ’s, the latest being Airwave. This guy just keeps getting better and we always look forward to his music. The remix intros with a fantastic pulsing bass sequence that is soon joined by a thumping kick drum and rhythmic percussions. The sound is hypnotic, drawing you in, taking you into a sublime progressive world. Swirling pads and subtle synth melodies combine beautifully in contrast to that chugging relentless bassline making this one a definite must have track.