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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2018-01-22

    Catalog number: BP7272018

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    Wasted (Original Mix)
    Rise And Fall
    Wasted (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
    Rick Pier O'Neil, Rise And Fall

    Russia based DJ and producer Anton Vishniakov aka Rise and Fall returns to BOnzai Progressive with the fantastic Wasted, backed up with the equally fantastic remix by Rick Pier O’Neil. Over the past several years we’ve seen a plethora of quality sounds coming out of Anton’s studio. His unique progressive sound gives DJ’s the tools to create fusion sets where genres meet resulting in sublime experiences. Never one to disappoint and always one to watch.

    The Original Mix treats us to a warm, bubbling progressive groove which is evident right from the off. Solid kicks lead the way as a wonderfully lush bassline meanders through the sound backed by subtle melodic synths and a host of textured FX. An intense vibe builds up just enough to keep us hooked making this an absolute must have track for the peak time slot.

    French native Rick Pier O’Neil is back at BP with another sublime remix. Rick started DJing at just 14 years old, at 16 he became a sound engineer and built his first home studio. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented artist and travelled to the US where he became embedded into the music scene there. He set up two record labels, Pro Records and Garbage Records and tracks from these labels have been hammered by top jocks all over the world. We’ve seen several hugely impressive remixes from him on BP over the last few years and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more. On the remix here Rick takes us on one of his sublime journey deep into progressive. Leading the way we have a tight drum section headed up by a chunky kick drum followed by shuffling percussions. The bassline takes centre stage as it powers the groove, luring us in with its hypnotic gait. A dark and rich vibe that will keep the floors rocking for sure.




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