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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2016-02-01

Catalog number: BP5242016

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Fandere (Original Mix)
Surveyor Mode
BCAA (Original Mix)
Surveyor Mode

Italian DJ’s and producers Matteo Tonioli and Marco Nascetti aka Surveyor Mode return to Bonzai Progressive with the tasty two tracker VV EP. We go back to June 2015 to find these guys making their debut with Val Kilmer which gained a great round of support from across the board. Nice to see them back at the helm and we always look forward to more.

Fandere intros with a pacey kickdrum that pounds out a solid punchy hit right to the chest. A crispy hat sits on the offset and is accompanied by cool FX that mesmerize with every hit. A fantastic retro themed chord pattern comes in and takes this fast paced slice deep into the heart of techno. Throughout the track we get short glimpses of various percussions and FX that really add a lot of texture to the sound. A simple concept with essentially a kick, some hats and a killer synth line that ultimately packs a massive punch. An absolute floor stomper here that will not disappoint.

BCAA intros with a dark and murky bassline with a well rounded chunky kick over the top. Bright crispy hats make a show and layer up to provide a superb rhythmic flow to the track. It’s that bassline that drives this one though, it throws out a big punch that gets right into your chest and forces you to move. Cool synths hang around throughout and bring a dark twist and a haunting vibe to the groove. An epic monster of a tune with a solid driving techno edge that will definitely appeal to many.




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