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Voyage a Goa

Voyage a Goa

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-12-02

Catalog number: BP8952019

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Voyage a Goa (Original Mix)
Phi Phi, Manu Riga
Larmes Dans La Pluie (Original Mix)
Phi Phi, Manu Riga

Phi Phi and Manu Riga join forces once again to bring us two distinctly unique tracks on Voyage a Goa. This one is the duo’s second stint in the studio together and once again the chemistry is magical as you will witness. Philippe and Adriaan are both stalwarts for us having provided a plethora of original and remix works, with consistent quality, over many years. Their tracks are championed around the world and both can boast a dedicated following. It’s a pleasure once again to release another fine slice from these masters of their trade.

Voyage a Goa intros with a nice thumping kick drum and sharp, scattered hats and percussions, creating a smooth rhythmic vibe. A deep, pulsing bass adds weight as the drums become feistier. Stabbing notes give off a techno vibe with a natural flow, layering up against warm bass tones and pure progressive drive. The break reveals a much deeper groove thanks to hypnotic flutes and a striking spoken vocal and strong bass drone which leads us back into the main groove. A definite floor friendly track to move the crowd, not to be missed.

Larmes Dans La Pluie is a sublime track from these guys, no doubt referencing the famous monologue from Bladerunner. The darker groove certainly captures the essence of the scene and the futuristic society in which it was set, a fitting nod to a classic flick. The track opens with a solid kick and a rolling bass arp that locks us in as sci fi FX add texture to the sound. On the break we’re thrust deeper into the groove as striking notes cut through pulsing bass laden pads before heading back into the main track for the duration. A beautifully polished construction with an epic feel, filled with drama and suspense that generates a lot of energy, top-notch stuff.




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