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    Vital Signs

    Vital Signs

    Label: Green Martian

    Release date: 2016-11-28

    Catalog number: GM2016286

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    Breathing (Original Mix)
    Listening (Original Mix)

    Zeo aka Mexican DJ and producer Eliseo Ramirez Campos holds a strong passion for music. He studies synthesis and electronic music production in G Martell College of music and audio in the city of Mexico. He founded – Fungus Lab a group of producers and DJs to promote culture and the arts using electronic music. His talent allows him to develop in various areas of audio such as mixing, mastering, producing, remixing and DJ jingles. He especially loves to produce his own sound universe with a very fresh and original style that ranges from progressive house , tech house and techno. He has shared the stage with international artists such as Steve Mint, Jossie Telch Ecliptic, Knight and Austere (Undergroove Music Mexico). His tracks have been released on various labels over the last few years and more recently he delivered the superb Cycle EP on Eyepatch Recordings.

    Breathing delivers a fresh progressive house sound that will most definitely appeal to many jocks looking for that hybrid slice of house music to transition the night in style. Pumping beats and a strong pulsating bass are the main ingredients that drive this one alongside a side helping of quality house inspired keys and synths. Beautifully rich pads add cool textures to the sound and on the break this becomes distorted by some excellent modulation before we are slammed right back into full on mode. A must have for sure.

    Listening is a purely house driven cut that will be the perfect candidate for getting asses on the floors. Punchy kick drums dish out a solid beat as a stuttering bassline leads the way. Cool FX wash over the sound creating a very interesting tapestry while swirling pads enhance the experience. On the break we are treated to some very smooth percussions alongside that lush bass tone that wraps you in a warm embrace. The hypnotic groove eats its way into your soul and you welcome this with open arms and get lost in the moment. A thought provoking piece that will not disappoint.




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