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Bonzai Progressive BP4612015 6 July, 2015

Alexey Lisin marks his full debut on Bonzai Progressive with Vesna and enlists the fantastic vocal talents of Ange along the way. Not quite his first appearance as he got the Zen remix treatment on Audio Noir’s superb album, Now & Zen. Having burst onto the scene back in November 2014 with the awesome Moscow Calling, and following that up with the equally impressive Desolation at the start of January 2015, we’ve certainly got a taste of this guys musical prowess on the Techno front. With a shifting towards progressive house on his Baroque Records release, Siberia, we are seeing a different side to this up and coming producer, plenty more to come no doubt so stay tuned. Popular vocalist Ange returns to Bonzai after her debut appearance with Yuriy From Russia back in 2013 on Do You Feel. Over the last several years she has worked with a whole host of top class artists with her distinct vocal style and her talents have been showcased on many labels worldwide.

The Original Mix takes us deep into progressive with a beautifully hypnotic vibe that really captivates with the sultry vocals of Ange. Tight percussions and solid drums deliver a brilliant rhythmic vibe that will definitely have the floors shakin. The deep basses sit back teasingly and allow the synth elements to shine. On the break we get locked into those mesmerizing vocals that just melt into the sound effortlessly. A driving slice of progressive that will surely be a hit with the purists.

Yuriy From Russia steps up to the remix plate and shows us yet again his amazing talents. His last outing was on remix duty for Wild Guess’ Trysal 35 back in March this year and since then his tracks have appeared on various compilations among other releases on different labels. The remix intros with a well rounded kick that is joined by a subtle shuffling hat. A melodic arp fades through as a deep rooted bassline takes hold and dominates with its pulsing probing prowess. The vocals from Ange are simply stunning, her voice seems to materialise from nowhere and blend beautifully into the sound providing a melancholic twist on the melodic nature of the track. Such a wonderful, dreamy vibe here that will definitely appeal to many.

Australia’s Audio Noir serves up another of his classic Rekonstruction’s. This guy has been racking up quite a back catalogue of late. 2015 is turning out to be a very busy year as he delivered his first studio album amongst a multitude of remixes. Already working on his second album we are very excited about what this guy will throw at us next. The remix here ramps up the energy levels with a superb, driving groove filled with a tight drum arrangement and a tough edged bassline that sits in contrast with the brighter, more melodic elements of the track. On the break we are led into a world full of beautiful melodies and deep, warm basses before we get shoved back into the main groove where a brilliant gated synth lead takes over. Ange’s vocal comes through with an air of innocence that works very well with the progressive vibe. Another top notch cut from down under, not to be missed.

Russian producer Zatonsky debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this fantastic remix that really raises the bar in the world of