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Vacuum EP

Bonzai Progressive BP4332015 23 March, 2015

Debut appearance on Bonzai Progressive for Ewan Rill & Casper with the sublime Vacuum EP. The guys have a history together having released tracks in 2013 and 2014 on Stripped Digital and Balkan Connection. As solo artists they both have an extensive back catalogue with support coming in from all angles. Great to see them on board and hopefully much more to come.

Vacuum intros with a real nice punchy kick that is soon joined by some shuffling hats and percussions to get the rhythm into full swing. An energetic bassline soon pops up from the depths and we settle in for a journey deep into progressive grooves. A well constructed array of FX refine the edges of the sound beautifully as various synth riffs take hold. Top notch stuff here that will definitely get the attention of many.

Next up we have A Little Word from Ewan Rill which intros with a smooth kick that packs a nice punch. The track gets a rhythmic flow with a little help from a very cool hat and tight drum arrangement. The deep probing bass sits perfectly at the low end as the track gathers pace. Various synth sounds layer up and lead to a sublime string sequence that gives off an almost euphoric vibe while keeping a hold firmly in the deeper textures of the sound. A real deep and gritty slice of prog that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Save Me is the next solo track from Ewan and sets out with a cool punchy kick and complex drum arrangement. Crispy hats and sharp claps soon follow and we get locked into a proper dancey groove. Out of the blue, a deep throbbing bass is blasted into our faces and really takes over the sound with a dominant force. A gritty, rising and falling synth sequence is unleashed that filters brilliantly up to the break where we get treated to some very cool drum patterns before we get slapped right in the face with the main groove. A deeper, darker and more tech orientated slice of progressive that will get feet on floors no doubt.