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Bonzai Progressive BP7902018 1 October, 2018

Miami-based DJ and producer Stan Kolev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the stunning Utopia which features two solid remixes from Crocy and Audio Noir. No stranger to us here at Bonzai, over the years he has earned himself a place at the top of Progressive House music as a highly respected and in-demand producer. Moving to Miami from Bulgaria at an early age, Stan began producing in 1996 and by 2003 he already had a massive world-wide hit with De Moma De under the name Casa Flava, which also hit the UK Top 40 Dance Chart. He has released more than 700 originals and remixes on the most respected record labels in the world. He has also taken his music outside the club scene by producing music for Porsche TV commercials as well as having a track featured on the hit TV series CSI: Miami for several years in a row. Always a pleasure to have him here at BP.

The Original offers up a beautifully lush progressive vibe all the way through. Bright, upbeat and full of flavour thanks to a nice and solid drum arrangement that forces you to move to the rhythm. An array of synths stacks up to deliver a rich and complex sequence that sends cosmic waves shimmering through the sound. A phat bassline growls as it takes control, dominating the low end with its flurry of notes action. An excellent slice once again from this veteran that will not disappoint.

The formidable Bonzai stalwart Crocy is up on remix duties and it comes as no surprise that he unleashes another belter of a track. Crocy recently treated us to his outstanding track Mosquito a few months ago and, it is this kind of quality that we have witnessed time and time again from him. This one is no exception, he sets off with a very nice thumping kick drum that pounds a solid beat into your chest. Steering towards the deeper echelons of progressive house, the groove is beefed up with a deep, sultry bassline that meanders through the sound. Groovy synths work the mids and high sections creating a vibrant, edgy track that will most definitely light up the floors.

Our friend down under ? Audio Noir – dishes out a tasty treat with his Another Audio Noir Trip mix. Another powerhouse in the Bonzai stable, this guy has notched up quite the impressive release count and, it continues to grow, we’re happy to say. He recently featured on the remix on Narel’s Losing Adequacy remixes pack where he did not disappoint. Here he offers up a real chunky slice of progressive house. Mesmerizing and captivating, the groove really takes you in with its lush goodness. The bassline chugs along relentlessly while piercing synth riffs delivers sublime melodies. The track enters the realms of epicness thanks to the pure drive and presence the sound possesses. Another top-notch trip no doubt.