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Bonzai Progressive BP7842018 3 September, 2018

Jacob Singer delivers yet another quality cut in the form of his latest offering titled Urantia which comes with a fine remix by Nico Parisi. This one comes just a few short months after his epic Stellar Gateway EP gained great support from many top jocks and favoured heavily on many charts. Jacob’s passion for music is evident throughout his tracks, either on original works or on remixes. This is one of the reasons he is a firm favourite and why we just love to have his work drop through the mail box. More to come from this guy so stay tuned.

The Original Mix is a fresh sounding progressive mover with hints of tech in its flavour. A nice solid kick drum leads the way as rhythmic percussions and FX line up. A deep, resonating bassline dances through the groove effortlessly generating a satisfying rumble along the way. Subtle synth stabs and mesmerizing pads deliver a surreal vibe making this track a definite must have for the late-night session.

Nico Parisi returns on remix duties proving once again the sheer quality this guy can deliver. After a string of top tracks, he quietened down on the production front for a spell before returning on remix duties for Crocy’s Passion. A heavy DJ schedule was still adhered to as well as appearing in a documentary for the famous Atmoz. Nico has also brought his skills to many festivals including Bonzai Retro, Legacy Festival, Tomorrowland, Decibel, Sunset Festival and a host of other notable events. He boasts a hugely impressive catalogue with support coming in from top jocks from around the world. The future looks bright for Nico, he has plans to continue his run of delivering quality music and no doubt he will add to his long list of clubs and festivals in the coming years. On the remix here, Nico knows no bounds in his deliverance of a superior slice of progressive goodness. A soft intro filled with cool percussions and subtle basses leads us into a full-on bass driven groove. Chunky kick drums and slicing hats stack up alongside some excellent drum arrangement that will get the floor moving. A syncopated bassline controls the groove beautifully as a mixture of pads dominate the background. Swelling pads ebb and flow, building rich textures in the sound that give this track so much depth. An absolute must have no doubt.