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Bonzai Progressive BP5912016 17 October, 2016

Manu Riga is back with his latest effort, the two tracker Unstoppable, a fresh sound that will definitely get floors pumping. We’ve grown extremely fond of this guys talent over many years, he never disappoints and delivers his music with integrity and professionalism. Having mainly focused on the deeper end of progressive we now get a chance to hear a different side of Manu Riga. After many thoughtful weeks, Adriaan is about to unleash a slightly different style than before. He is aiming directly for the floors with a more clubby approach all wrapped up in an expertly crafted package. On the DJing front you can catch Manu Riga in the mix on his monthly podcast Escape which can be heard on Progressive Beats Radio. An ever increasing fan base, top charting positions, a successful album and follow up remix package on top of a hugely impressive back catalogue, this guy certainly is Unstoppable.

Don’t Stop Me Now is a perfectly apt title as it is the manifestation of the Unstoppable force that is Manu Riga. Heading straight for the dancefloor, this one will definitely get things moving with its expertly crafted drums and upbeat tech vibe. The bassline sets the tone perfectly as you find yourself drawn to its infectious groove. Swirling pads create a wonderful atmosphere as we head into the break where a hypnotic arpeggio takes over dishing out cool melodies as it goes. A definite must have for any playlist.

Let Them Play reflects the plight of indigenous peoples and takes on the narrative to leave them alone. The sound incorporates some very cool ethnic vibes which are perfectly exposed through subtle melodies. Chunky kick drums and shuffling hats will get feet on the floors and some fantastic percussions will keep them there. The break throws up a wonderfully rich and beautiful piano that is joined by tribal voices before we are slammed right back into the main groove for the duration. Another fine slice from Manu Riga that you will not want to miss.