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Unravel Me

Bonzai Progressive BP6552017 12 June, 2017

Miami Beach, Florida based Stan Kolev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Unravel Me. Fresh off the back of remix duties for Gai Barone’s There’s A Lady, Stan racks up his 4th BP slice (not forgetting several quality remixes). As ever, we know we’re in for a real treat when this guy’s work drops into the mailbox. Unravel Me features remixes from top artists Gai Barone, Rick Pier O’Neil and Koschk.

First up we have the Original mix which intros with a classic kick drum and crispy hi hat set up accompanied by rhythmic percussions. Melodic synths fade in and we find ourselves totally locked on to the infectious groove that follows. Deep probing basses weave through the sound and are joined by stabby analogue synths and an array of hypnotic sounds. The short vocal captivates and adds so much depth and character to the track making this an absolute must have.

Gai Barone is up first on remix duties and comes back to BP fresh from his last outing There’s A Lady (featuring a remix by Stan Kolev) which performed very well indeed on charts and playlists. Always one to deliver the goods we love to see his newest works drop into the mailbox. The remix gets right down to business with a super tight drum arrangement to whet the appetite. Deep basses and atmospheric FX offer up a deep progressive groove while sweet melodic synths swirl overhead. Superb stuff once again from this guy, not to be missed.

Rick Pier O’Neil returns to BP with another fine remix that is sure to become a firm favourite. We last caught a glimpse of RPO back in 2016 on the remix for Matan Caspi – Fragile Sunrise and since then he’s appeared on several of our compilations. With new stuff always on the go we look forward to special collaboration from this guy and some of his friends, something to keep a look out for in the very near future. As ever we’re treated to a sublime progressive slice that takes us deeper into the groove. Tight beats and percussions deliver a strong rhythmic flow while sub level basses shore up the low end. Melodic arpeggios litter the sound creating a very cool dynamic against the deeper elements. This one will not disappoint.

Koschk presents something different on this release with his Tech Mix which will certainly stand out in any set with its pumping beat and solid tech house groove. Chunky kicks and crispy hi hats lead the way to the backdrop of mesmerizing percussions that add an extra bounce to the rhythm. A deep resonating bassline lurks down below while rising pads and FX get things moving up top. The original vocals are cut up with expert precision to create a real dancey club vibe which will put this one at the top of many charts and playlists.

The Dub Mix is a replica of the original with the vocal stripped out leaving a deep and groovy monster that will surely dominate the floors.