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Unlovable – Nico Parisi featuring Loredana Remix

Bonzai Progressive BP7162017 4 December, 2017

We continue our remixed classics series with another trawl through the vaults to bring you contemporary takes of our much loved tracks. This time we are proud to present Quadran – Unlovable with a fantastic remix from Nico Parisi featuring Loredana. The original 1998 version featured the stunning vocalist Tasha Joan Paul who also wrote the lyrics alongside Philippe Van Mullem for this vocal trance smasher. Tasha also provided her talents on Quadran’s follow up to this with the equally impressive The Love I Lost as well as writing and vocalising Planisphere’s Memories Of The Light and Indoctrinate’s Waiting For You. Quadran were and always will be synonymous with pioneering the vocal trance sound. Since the beginning Philippe Van Mullem and Philippe Toutlemonde set out on a quest to deliver a unique sound which was nurtured by the infamous Bonzai Trance Progressive label – which was created for the very purpose of pursuing this groundbreaking sound the guy’s created. Philippe Van Mullem carried on Quadran’s mission well into the 21st Century before he sadly passed away, leaving behind a legacy that still inspires to this day. Nico Parisi is a longstanding Bonzai stalwart with a series of quality cuts under his belt. He is also a veteran on the scene with over 20 years in the bag – starting out DJing in several Belgian clubs before releasing his first material on Atmoz. In recent years he’s also been a regular fixture at our annual Bonzai Retro parties as well as various other huge events in Belgium. Nico brings Loredana aka Loredana de Amicis in on vocal duties and what an impact she has on the sound. She joined 2 Fabiola in 2008 belting out the classics as well as new music to the masses with special appearances at top festivals and parties.

On the remix Nico captures the essence of the original beautifully. The intro boasts a cool percussion arrangement with simple one shot synth notes getting our imagination running, remembering the original with fondness. Nice chunky beats soon come through and we find ourselves locked into a solid progressive groove full of rhythmic beats and a dirty, droning bassline before the main melody appears and it’s head down, feet stomping time. The track breaks to reveal the superb vocal which sends shivers down the spine, Loredana’s voice is just perfect for the vocal in every way, she adds a wonderful contemporary portrait to the lyric that will definitely grab a lot of attention. After the break we get back into full on mode for the duration, what a track. We’ve no doubt that Phi Phi and Philippe (RIP) will approve, a definite must have.