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Underdog EP

Piston Recordings PR2017351 2 October, 2017

Portuguese DJ and producer Mario Silva aka Eat Dust returns to Piston for his 8th outing with the superb two tracker – Underdog. Over the last number years this guy has released some excellent cuts on various labels including Obscura Recordings, Plastik Galaxy and Dubtek Records to name just a few. He has also shown up on Monog Records back in 2014 with Portrait Illusions and a remix on HedUbble’s Animal Feeling as well as an appearance on Tech House Toolbox 3 for Bonzai Progressive. On the DJ circuit Mario enjoys playing gigs all over Portugal, particularly in the underground scene. He is a constant presence at Ramboya parties and a member of the collective LIVE Lisbon. His tracks are championed by many jocks around the world which is a testament to his unique style.

Underdog intros with a cool rhythmic drum arrangement that is soon joined by a chunky kick drum that gets things moving nicely. A deep and groovy bassline rattles the lower end before being joined by some excellent chords and scattered vocals. On the break club driven pads fade in to the backdrop of a snare roll that takes us right back into full on mode for the duration.

Paradigma sets off with an upbeat intro filled with nice chunky beats and shuffling hats. Drum patterns form up delivering a flowing rhythm to the sound before short stabby synths join in. A well crafted subby bassline comes through bringing lots of warmth along the way. Short vocal snippets are introduced alongside groovy keys resulting in a tight, tech groove. A definite must have for sure.