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Under Your Bed EP

Piston Recordings PR2017334 31 July, 2017

Popular Piston Recordings contributor Daniel Ray returns for his 5th outing here with the superb Under Your Bed EP. We last saw him back in December 2016 with the impressive Low Heals before appearances on volume 8 and 9 of our Secrets Of The Trade series. Always great to hear new material from this hugely talented artist and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future.

Under Your Bed settles into a wonderful deep groove right from the off as warm basses and chunky kick drums strike up a solid partnership alongside lush chords that fill out the low end of the spectrum beautifully. We’re lulled into the ever deepening atmosphere tanks to surreal background sounds that really get the imagination wandering. Superb stuff for the late night crew.

Ching Chong Cha delivers a fantastic deep and groovy slice of house music thanks to a tight drum section that also provides a smooth rhythmic flow. A deep bassline rolls through the track keeping us locked into the low end while space age synths churn out mesmeric melodies. The track also has a darker side where gritty synth stabs give off colourful textures which contrast beautifully within the sound. A definite must for the deeper set builders out there.