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Under The Sky

Under The Sky

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-07-03

Catalog number: BP6622017

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Under The Sky (Dub 2017)
Ange, Yuriy From Russia
Under The Sky (Airwave Remix)
Airwave, Ange, Yuriy From Russia
Under The Sky (Narel's Re-vox With Breaks Mix)
Ange, Yuriy From Russia, Narel
Under The Sky (Trance Mix)
Ange, Yuriy From Russia

Yuriy From Russia aka Yuriy Kolomiytsev got back in the studio with prolific vocalist Ange to deliver the superb Under The Sky which comes in various styles with remixes from the mighty Airwave and the on fire Narel. Over the last few years Yuriy has never failed to deliver the goods with his own material or on remix duties. A solid artist with a dynamic style that captivates the listener. Ange is a popular DJ, producer and vocalist from Russia, she has worked with a whole host of top class artists with her distinct vocal style and her talents have been showcased on many labels worldwide. This one follows the pair’s 2013 stunner Do You Feel, now the wait is finally over this one is not to be missed.

First up we have the Dub 2017 which delivers a superbly crafted progressive groove filled with intricate patterns that form into a solid driving slice. Nicely rounded kick drums set us off as rhythmic percussions fade in. The beautifully delivered vocal from Ange captivates immediately and leads us to the deep and lush bassline that mesmerizes throughout. A subtle gated synth adds movement to the sound as that vocal impresses. Cosmic melodies ooze from the lead synth line which dominates the break and beyond. A totally immersive cut that will not disappoint.

One of Bonzai’s shining stars, and a guy who has been around and contributing to several of our labels for over 20 years, Airwave is up first on the remix and he treats us to some of his sublime breaks. What a history this hugely influential artist has, and he is nowhere near done. Currently he is on somewhat of a world tour with gigs all over the place covering almost every continent and, thanks to social media, we get to follow his trek around the globe and see just how dedicated he is and how much enjoyment he gets. He comes at this remix fresh off the back of his latest slice for BP – The Unfinished which also houses the outstanding The City Of The Iris – with both becoming an instant favourite among his army of fans. Always an exciting time when Laurent’s newest creations and remixes drop into the inbox. On the remix here we’re completely hooked from just the first few bars. A rich tapestry of swirling pads, subtle percussion and droning basses fills us with anticipation. The vocal from Ange blends effortlessly into this cacophony of sound adding a hair raising experience. Those famous Airwave breaks soon follow and we find ourselves shrouded in pure musical brilliance for the duration. The track is one huge build up to euphoric climax filled with melodic synths and cascading arpeggios. An ever evolving groove that will keep the floors moving no doubt. Fantastic stuff yet again from the master.

Fresh from his stunning new album entitled Losing Adequacy on Green Martian Narel aka Nick Simmons is up next for remix duties with his Re-vox With Breaks Mix. This guy remains an impressive artist on our books and since 2011 he has appeared on several labels under the Bonzai banner. If you haven’t got his latest album then get yourself a copy and be blown away by the sheer brilliance of his work. For now though get your ears round this one, you will not be disappointed. Here Narel treats us to an epic slice that will have you coming back for more and more. Swirling pads and Ange’s vocal are evenly balanced against a double time breaks pattern. Deep droning basses fill the groove as the vocal begins to deliver its full potential, creating a surreal moment. As the track progresses we find ourselves locked into something special. Layer upon layer something new crops up to grab your attention culminating in a rich textured landscape. Sublime, hypnotic and quite simply brilliant.

The Trance Mix rounds up this impressive pack delivering a more punchy, club fuelled vibe than the Dub. A prominent display of drums leads the way, giving us the perfect reason to hit the floor. The bassline moves effortlessly through the groove, deep and probing with subtle note changes. In contrast a brighter melody hypnotises alongside swirling pads. The big hitter here though is the stunning vocal from Ange, it gets deep into your soul as the intriguing narrative plays out. A wonderful creation that will be the perfect addition in any set, not to be missed.




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