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Trying Harder EP

Bonzai Progressive BP6922017 25 September, 2017

Multi talented Belgian artist Manu Riga is back with more of his beautifully crafted offerings in the form of Trying Harder EP. He enlists the superb vocal talents of John M for this one and once again the results are outstanding. Manu Riga is fast becoming a leader in utilising strong vocalists in the progressive arena. His past endeavours have been greatly recognised, adding an extra spice to progressive house music with his army of fans dubbing him The Master Of Voices. His dynamic sound is ever changing and he adapts beautifully to each vocal artist he works with. He never fails to impress and we’ve no doubt there will be much more coming out of Manu Riga studios in the future. French singer John M aka John Morillion dishes out a sublime vocal on this one. He spent his childhood years living between France, UK and USA where he took in the different cultures which have influenced his style. His travel experiences culminated with the 2012 album Love It All which was followed in 2014 with his fan backed Born To Meet You.

The Original Mix of Trying Harder intros with a nice punchy kick drum and a gritty sounding pulsing bass tone. Rhythmic percussions come through setting the track up to be rocked out to on the floors. Suddenly the endearing vocal pops through, instantly locking you into the narrative. Subtle melodies compliment the vocal and the note changes on the layered bassline create hair raising moments. Mesmerizing arpeggios show up on the break and take us back into the main groove for the duration. Another solid slice that will not disappoint.

Shame sets out with a real deep vibe filled with solid kicks, bright hi hats and warm bass tones. A wonderfully sweet melodic air seeps out of the sound as the vocal starts to come through. The vocal proper starts and you find yourself totally immersed in the beauty of the sound and the inviting nature of the voice. A short break introduces analogue synths that give the track colourful layers and strong textures. Plucky synths layer up against teasing pads giving the track a dynamic feel making this an absolute must have no doubt.

The Dub Mix takes out the main vocal leaving a deep and grooving progressive slice for the late night sessions.