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Try My Soul

Bonzai Progressive BP5012015 9 November, 2015

Alexey Lisin returns to BP with the delectable Try My soul which features the stunning vocal talent of Alexandra Pride and comes with three superb remixes that deliver a variety of moods. Alexey surely knows how to turn on the progressive neurons, his last outing – Gloss, also featured a strong vocalist and gained a lot of support across the board. Russian singer-songwriter Alexandra Pride exudes elegance with her sultry vocals and is finding her voice make its way into many hearts, a special talent who will be making waves for years to come.

The Original mix of Try My Soul delivers a deep and moody sound, the perfect track to kick back to. The track opens with a nice full kick drum that rattles along to the backdrop of some real smooth, soft pads before Alexandra’s vocals take over and lull us into its sultry core. Cool drum patterns accompany the vocal perfectly and both simply melt into each other while sharper instruments paint a warm colourful glow. A very thought provoking track that will set your imagination free.

Up first on remix duty we have Australia’s own Audio Noir and his Another Audio Noir Safari. Having recently released his album Artificial Star – and his Almost Famous Reworked remix package, this guy just never lets up on the quality front. Here he settles the track into a solid progressive workout right from the off with a little help from that superb, chugging bass line that is joined by a tight drum section and beautiful cascading melodies that float across the background. The vocal is used to perfection here and is manipulated in a way that gives it a much more club feel. A relentless groove that will definitely keep the floor moving all night long.

Alexey takes to the remix desk himself and offers up his Lisin Remix which intros with a nice crispy hat arrangement with a sharp clap on the second beat while warm atmospheric pads control the background. Little snippets of vocal creep through alongside a very cool electric guitar. Punchy kicks set the track off on its progressive course and are soon joined by the grooviest bass line that will get those booty’s shakin on the floors no doubt. The break reveals more of the vocal which really captivates and holds you in its grip until the full on mix comes back to get us moving once more. Top notch stuff that you will not want to miss.

Belgian legendary DJ and producer Nico Parisi is up next with his fantastic remix. Nico’s recent outing Cacaooh turned a few heads and here he offers no respite as we are led deep into the progressive sound with a solid groove to hold us down and keep those feet shuffling. A raft of quality remixes have also kept this guy on top of his game recently with no sign of letting up. A resident of the famous Atmoz for a number of years he is headlining an Atmoz 19 year celebration this October at Area V in Hasselt. Nico’s own sound has developed over the years and has brought in a slight mellow vibe which is evident here as the background atmospherics really give the track a deep and meaningful groove. Huge throbbing basses cause a stir and are joined by a tight drum arrangement which is complimented by echoed vocal snippets that tease throughout. All over the track we find little f