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Trip To Strip

Bonzai Progressive BP5122015 21 December, 2015

Dutch DJ and producer Jesper Mauerhoff returns to Bonzai Progressive with Trip To Strip. We saw him make his debut at BP back in Summer 2015 with Eyes Wide Shut which gained a lot of support across the board. Great to see him back and no doubt we’ll be seeing more from this talented artist in the future.

Trip To Strip intros with a shuffling hat sequence on top of some cool percussive sounds before the solid kicks come crashing through. A superb bass line soon joins in and sets the track on fire with a rip roaring tech house groove. A tight drum arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing which will definitely keep the floors shakin all night. The track takes on a hypnotic vibe as that bass line, coupled with subtle synths powers on with its pumping groove. Superb stuff and a definite must have track.

Firework sets out with a solid rhythmic vibe as tight punchy kicks are joined by crispy hats and a cool percussion arrangement. The rhythm builds nicely and takes us up to a solid bass line that forms a progressive stranglehold that will not let go. A big room sound comes through in the bass as it twists and warps giving those booty’s something to shake it to. The track evolves beautifully with each key change, bringing with it some cool melodies that settle into a powerful progressive groove. An excellent slice of prog that is a must have in any set.