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Tres Sonidos EP

Green Martian GM2015255 17 August, 2015

Hungarian producer Paul Kardos debuts on Green Martian with the wonderful Tres Sonidos EP. Since 2013 Paul has been churning out the quality on OLD SSQL Recordings with a raft of releases focusing in on the Progressive House side of the tracks. This release is no exception as we are treated to some beautifully crafted smooth progressive vibes.

Tres Sonidos En La Vigilancia brings the summer vibe to life with a beautifully structured arrangement filled with ubiquitous sounds upbeat vibes. Right from the off we are lured into its grasp as sweet, subtle melodies float by. Subtle kicks with just the right amount of oomph are joined by rhythmic percussions and a warm bass that fills the sound perfectly. The track moves with grace as we are carried along it its clutches for the duration, brilliant stuff that will not disappoint.

Persian Soul opens with cool distant hats and sweeping pads that bellow up from below and cloak the sound with their richness. A pulsing bass note is joined by much crisper hats as the rhythm gathers pace. After a short, surreal break chunky kicks come in and the track is let loose with its beautiful euphoric flow. The main break throws up a fantastic melodic sequence that oozes a trance-like vibe with those subtle gated synths. A very simple, yet highly effective slice of melodic progressive house that is not to be missed.

Pandemonium intros with a sweet melody that draws on the imagination with ease. A throbbing deep, low end bass comes through as shuffling hats rattle in. Sweeping pads and strings fly through the sound and bring in a euphoric melody. Two minutes in we get a taste of the chunky kicks that drives the groove on perfectly. A gritty bass is introduced and gives the track an edge, but the bright, airy sounds will keep this one firmly in the tripped out section for sure.