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Tremor EP

Tremor EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-07-24

Catalog number: BP6702017

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Tremor (Original Mix)
Fortitude (Original Mix)
Vicious Love (Original Mix)

Pavlin Petrov delivers yet another one of his magnificent progressive offerings in the form of his new Tremor EP which delivers three very distinctive sounds for our listening pleasure. This one is hot on the heels of his last outing alongside Graham Lloris and their We Are Not Alone from February 2017. Hailing from Bulgaria Pavlin grew up with music by Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangleis and Enigma. He started producing in 2005 with a keen interest in Ambient before he got more into progressive house. Since then he mixes his tracks with an ambient atmosphere which is essential for progressive house. He likes to experiment with every new track and express that deep and dark feeling dedicated to his unique style. Over the last 5 or 6 years he has released a plethora of music on various labels including Mystic Carousel Records, KP Recordings, Beat Block Records, Suffused Music as well as Bonzai Progressive among others. On top of this he has an impressive list of remixes for others making him a very much in demand artist. Always great to have his new material drop in, he never disappoints.

Tremor takes us deep into the progressive rabbit hole with a driving, hypnotic groove. Led by a tight drum arrangement filled with chunky kicks and a myriad of shuffling hi hats, a thick bass moves through the track with dominance. Sharp synth hits resembling an alarm sound take us up to the break where a cosmic inspired lead synth takes over. A superb rising FX climaxes with the track plummeting back into the depths for the duration. An absolute stomper that is not to be missed.

Fortitude gets down and dirty right from the off with a nice chunky kick drum and a gnarly bass hit that transforms into a wonderfully crafted sequence. The rhythm is boosted by cool hi hats and various percussions as a sublime vocal comes in. The vocals offer a very interesting contrast to the gritty nature of the music, creating a unique and dynamic sound that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Vicious Love goes deep into the progressive abyss thanks to a mind altering cacophony of sounds wrapped up in a super tight arrangement. The track is driven by a thick, gnarly bass and pounding kick drums with various percussions generating a solid rhythm. A dark vocal gives the track a lot of character and blends beautifully with the organic nature of the sounds. The synths offer up a dystopian flavour with a futuristic twist to the sound making this a definite must have for those late night sessions.




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