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Toucan EP

Piston Recordings PR2017293 27 February, 2017

Fresh off the back of his Egret EP, Marco Madia returns with another tantalising cut, this time around he delivers the fantastic two tracker Toucan EP. Marco is a solid, dedicated artist who always dishes out quality sounds. He’s considered with very high regard among his peers and his music is a testament to this. Never one to disappoint, we just know you’re gonna love this latest cut.

Channel-Billed intros with a nice chunky kick drum and crispy offset hi hat that generates a cool steady beat. A deep rumbling bassline soon joins in and we find ourselves locked on to a solid deep house groove filled with warm keys and hypnotic sequences. The track layers up beautifully creating moody textures that will keep the floors moving with ease. A top notch slice that is not to be missed.

Keel-Billed sets out with a very interesting percussion pattern that sets the track up with a cool rhythmic flow. A combination of drums sit tightly packed in the groove and serve as a solid platform for the track. Trippy arpeggio synths bellow out their mesmeric sequences as a subtle bassline sits on the low end. On the break those synths come to life and dish out colourful patterns that blend effortlessly with the deep groove. A definite must have for sure.