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Too Loose

Bonzai Progressive BP7532018 23 April, 2018

Norwegian artist Wolfson debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the Too Loose which is given the remix treatment by Manu Riga and Crocy. Wolfson grew up in music and literally on records, his Father was a record producer in Norway. He fell in love with lots of genres and got his first set of turntables and a mixer when he was 13 and became a turntablist, fusing hip-hop and breakbeats. He soon found himself DJing at all the local parties, building his reputation. In his college years, he started collaborating with live bands and electronic music groups and that’s when he found an interest in producing house music. He started using a lot of live instruments and vocals in his productions and at his gigs. Since 2010, he is playing around 60 gigs a year from his home town to Los Angeles, Miami to Ibiza and picking up a sponsorship by Red Bull and Audi. In 2013 he finished the design of his latest WOLFSOUND live show with his LED DJ-booth taking people on a visual experience, communicating with them on a different level next to his sound. He created his own label – Wold Records in 2014 and from here he has set his sights on great things.

The Original dishes out a smooth, deep progressive groove right from the get go as chunky kick drums are matched with a deep evolving bassline. As the track builds we find subtle percussions making their mark alongside bright rising synth pads and that mesmerizing bassline. Throughout the track infectious melodic arpeggios dominate and on the break they continue only to be joined by a surreal hair raising vocal and melancholic strings. An outstanding effort that will sit perfectly in the darker sets.

Crocy shows up here on remix duties, offering up his wealth of experience to take the original in a slightly different direction. A veteran in the new Bonzai era, Crocy always delivers no matter what he touches. Here on the remix he notches up the energy levels with a powerful intro filled with pounding beats and rhythmic percussions. In the background a subtle pad pulsates while arpeggios fade in. After a mini climax a meandering bassline warms up the low end enhancing the groove beautifully. The vocal adds character to the sound making this an absolute must have track for sure.

Manu Riga is our next experienced remix artist and once again he proves his talents with an absolute sublime rendition. Another veteran of the new Bonzai era we always get excited when his latest works drop in. On the remix Manu Riga sets out with a pumping kick drum and hypnotic percussion arrangement. A deep, rumbling bassline shores up the low end, occasionally opening up into a gritty monster. The track settles nicely into a deep progressive groover thanks to expert layering and subtle melodies. Manu’s infectious sound bursts out of the groove to take over your senses making this a track not to be missed.